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How Does Home Design Impact Performance of Windows?

How Does Home Design Impact Performance of Windows?

If you’re building a new home in Albany, you have the chance to play a role in the amount of energy your home consumes by using a good design. Likewise, if you’re searching for replacement windows, you have the ability to greatly improve the look of your home while taking advantage of a good design that promotes the opportunity for a smaller carbon footprint. Let’s read over a few some tips for the Albany area.

Consider the Direction Your Windows Face

You ought to think through the direction your windows face and the climate you live in.

For instance, if it’s toasty in Albany, you may want to think about placing more windows on the north side of your home to decrease the amount of direct sunlight that will enter your home. For windows that will still get bright sun, consider a design with overhangs and installing windows with Low-E glass, which can help decrease the amount of UV rays going in your home.

On the contrary, if the climate in Albany is cooler the majority of the year, you might think through placing more windows on the south side of your house to increase your solar gain. Just like they can help keep the heat out in warmer places, Low-E windows help insulate and keep heat in your home.

Bumping Up Efficiency with Replacement Windows

Maybe you’re not building a home in Albany or doing a massive remodel that could include moving window locations. If you’re just looking for replacement windows, you still have many options that may help you lower the carbon footprint of your home. Low-E windows are still a great option. You can find an option suited for virtually every climate. In addition to the windows themselves, the installation is critical to the performance of your windows—great choices for professional installation exist in Albany.

Windows should be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and be correctly sealed during installation to perform correctly. That’s a big reason that professional installation is a great option for many people.

For more tips, check out Pella Windows and Doors on Pinterest. The professionals at our Albany showroom are always ready to help you find individualized solutions. Stop in today or call us at 518-414-5302.

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